Range Safety

  • While at the range, members are required to wear their membership badges in plain sight.
  • All members are required to complete the Range Safety Course. Members are not permitted to use the range unit the course is complete. Their membership cards will be endorsed once the Range Safety Course is complete.
  • Eye and ear protection is required by all members, shooting or not.
  • Members are expected to be familiar with your firearm while at a shoot. For safety, take the time to familiarize yourself with the correct functioning of your firearms at home.
  • Remember the four Fundamental Rules for Safe Gun Handling:
    • ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.
    • ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
    • ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.
    • ALWAYS treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  • Members are expected to keep their firearms and ammunition clean and in good condition. Members should not use ammunition that is out-dated, corroded, or in poor condition. The Range Safety Officer has the right to deny a member the use of equipment in poor condition.
  • Members should not shoot at other members targets. Only point your firearm at something you intend to shoot.
  • Members should never leave the firing line until a cease fire has been called.
  • Members should never leave the firing line with a firearm unless it has been returned to its case.
  • The ONLY safe direction is down range. While at the firing line, ALL members should always keep their firearms pointed downrange.
  • For the enjoyment of everyone at a shoot members are asked to obey the following rules:
    • Only firearms scheduled for the shoot should be used at the shoot (i.e. only shotguns should be brought to a trap shoot, rifles to a rifle shoot, etc.)
    • Please take only one firearm at a time to the firing line. If you intend to use more than one firearm at a shoot, wait for a 2nd turn.
    • Remember to take turns and allow everyone an opportunity to enjoy themselves.
  • Members should be familiar with the Firing Line Commands and obey the Range Safety Officer at all times while at the range.


At this time the shooters may uncase firearms and prepare for shooting.
Range Safety Officer checks to make sure range is safe for shooting.
At this time the shooters may shoot at designated targets.
Instruct shooters to unload firearms and open actions and remove clips/magazines
Instruct shooters to pick up any items to take downrange.
Instruct shooters to step behind YELLOW line.
At this time the Range Safety Officer visually checks all firearms, making sure they are unloaded and actions are open.
instruct shooters to, After returning from down range, stand behind the Ceasefire line
Until the Range Safety Officer calls “LINE READY”
Instruct shooters they may go down range at this time.