If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, in self isolation or have been ordered by Government to self isolate please do not go to the range.

Am I allowed to bring a family member?

Yes, as long as that family member is living in the same household as you.

Am I allowed to bring a guest?

Yes, you may bring one guest with you.  Please respect the current Government Health guidelines on Social Distancing.

How long can I book the range for?

You may book the range for a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 3 hours.

Do I have to sign the book at the range?

No, you are not required to sign the book.  Once you have contacted an executive member to book your time, this will be your legal signature that you used the range.  Please respect this method.  If a member is found at the range that has not booked their time, the executive will be informed.  Not booking the range will be considered Unauthorized Use.

How safe will I be if I or a group of us are using the range?

In order to keep you safe, the executive will be installing hand sanitizer at the range.  You are responsible for making sure to respect Social distancing and keeping your hands clean.  Please try not to share firearms with others unless you first clean the outside of your firearm with an effective cleaner, such as a Lysol wipe.
Disclaimer:  The executive members will not be held responsible for a member getting sick, as you are fully aware of the current restrictions put in place by the Government of NL.  Please stay safe.

Can anyone use the Club facilities?

The Club is for the sole use of members and their guests and well as organizations renting the facility. You must be a fully paid member to have access to club facilities including sighting in firearms prior to moose hunting. We appreciate the need for hunters to sight in their firearms, and recognize the importance of safe and humane hunting practice. However, due to insurance regulations anyone who is not a member or not a guest of a member who enters the club property is trespassing. We reserve the right to pursue legal action against those who trespass on Club property.

Can I rent the Club and its facilities for a stag party or other social gathering?

No, the Club facilities aren’t for rent for such purposes.

How do I join?

You will find the membership application under the Membership Application tab of this website. Please complete this application and submit it. You can also download and print the pdf application and email it to applications@cargc.ca. All applications are processed as quickly as possible.

How can I pay for my membership?

Currently, the methods of payments we accept are: online interac banking transfer (EMT) to feescargc@gmail.com, cash, money order or cheque.

What’s the orientation course for?

New members MUST participate in a Range Orientation course prior to using the club. Often, this is done as a group each spring, but can also be done at other times in the year. This can be arranged by contacting applications@cargc.ca.

Can I store firearms at the club?

The club does not provide storage facilities. Your permission from Wildlife to transport firearms from your home to the club and return. In the case of Restricted Firearms, you will need an Authority to Transport (ATT) issued by the Canadian Firearms Office.

What are Club hours?

Use of the club is available from sunrise to sunset. Winter use is available, however, the road accessing the club is not plowed.

Does the club provide or rent firearms and sell ammunition?

No, you must provide your own.

What safety equipment does the club provide?

The club provides tables and benches as well as target stands and holders as well as a limited number of steel targets. We ask that members use the appropriate ammunition for the appropriate target, as to prevent unnecessary damage to our equipment.

What safety equipment do I need?

Shooters and non-shooters at the ranges MUST provide and wear safety glasses and ear protection, with the exception of Archery shooters.

How many employees does the club have?

The Club is volunteer based. We enjoy the support of a wide volunteer base who take time to care for and improve our facilities each year. As well, each member is expected to provide some of their time each year to improve the club. If you wish to volunteer please email the club.

How can I donate to the club?

The club is a Not for Profit organization. If you would like to make a donation please send an EMT to feescargc@gmail.com. We also except donations in the form of materials, supplies, equipment, and labour. Please contact the club at info@cargc.ca to discuss your donation.

What is a RSO?

A RSO or Range Safety Officer is a club member who volunteers and has successfully completed the club’s RSO Course.The club maintains a group of dedicated Range Safety Officers (RSOs). These members are required for the safe organization of any club-sanctioned shoot. Any member, with some experience at club shoots, can attain RSO status.