3D and Target Archery

We have both 3D and target archery at our club. 2019 marked the first year we hosted a 3D archery tournament and it was a huge success. Archers, young and old, from all over the Avalon attended and many took home medals. Many archers also took home some awesome raffle prizes that were provided by local businesses.

Archery Canada Membership

As of January 2020 our archery club is registered with Archery Canada. This gives members access to any competitions held by Archery Canada including National competitions and tournaments.

If you would like to register as an archer with Archery Canada, the yearly membership fee is $25.00 you can contact to register. Note: Archery Canada membership is not required to come shoot at our Winter League shoots, however it is required if you would like to participate in the Archery Canada Mail Match Tournament.

Winter League 2020

We shoot every Sunday evening at 7:30pm at the high school gym until April 2020. Costs are $5.00 per night for all members who would like to shoot.

Archery Canada Mail Match Tournament (Winter 2020)

Some of our members are currently participating in Archery Canada’s national indoor archery tournament. This tournament involves archers of all ages from all across the country. We shoot for the tournament every Sunday and scores are mailed in to Archery Canada. Medals are awarded to the top 3 in each division as well as the top in each scoring class. More information regarding the tournament can be found HERE.

Click Here To View Live Scoring Results